What’s a Butkus?

The dive play is the most basic play in the game. Objective: Gain one yard. The quarterback takes the snap, pivots, handing the football to the fullback – who slams into the scrimmage line, head on. The goal is to gain a yard or two. It’s not pretty, and it rarely creates a big play, but it builds confidence by creating a clear objective and accomplishing it. Simply put, if you don’t have the drive and determination to gain one yard, how in the world would you expect to score a touch down?

Finding something assumes that you are looking for it! Finding your Butkus, at it’s core means to find something that you already possess. It is already part of you, perhaps hidden deep inside your psyche or more likely, simply hiding in plain site. Right below your nose – in your heart.

In Kevin Costner’s movie “A Field if Dreams” his character, Ray Kinsella, hears a voice from the cornfield, “If you build it he will come.” He is asked to trust a whisper and hear a feeling. The สมัครเว็บ ufabet voice wants him to listen and then take action – completely on faith.

While the tall corn may not be calling you, I’m certain you have had an inspired thought while showering or driving a car. A gut feeling that says take action.

Your Butkus, I say with a wink, is found slightly south by reaching around and finding your rear end. With both hands I might add! Perhaps the reason you haven’t found your Butkus as yet, is because you’re sitting on it!

So what is a Butkus?

No, it’s not But-Kis, its pronounced But-Kus. You say it deliberately, and always with attitude. If you are a sports fan you have probably heard the name, Dick Butkus. In fact most people in North America have heard that name, although they may not know who or what it is.

And yes, it is an odd name.

But, there is nothing funny about the image or the iconic status this name represents. Like a