Natural Bodybuilding Advice – How Hardgainers Can Build Muscle Naturally

If you’ve ever flicked through any of the hundreds of bodybuilding and fitness magazines on the store shelves then you may be forgiven for thinking that real natural bodybuilding advice is a little thin on the ground.

Advert after advert selling pills, gainers, and even worse stuff, but very little advice for the hardgainer who wants to know how to build a great body WITHOUT using those drugs.

Since you know that it IS possible to make serious muscle gains naturally, here are my top pieces of natural bodybuilding advice with some useful videos to help you out.

Eating Right For Natural Muscle Gains
One of the most important pieces of natural bodybuilding advice that I can give is a change of diet.

By diet I mean what you are putting into your body on a daily basis. If you’ve struggled to build muscle in the past then your diet was probably the culprit.

Most skinny guys and hardgainers feel that they SR9009 for Sale already eat a lot and so wonder why they still struggle to gain muscle mass. However they are normally still not eating enough, and / or they are eating at the wrong times.

Aim to eat the number of calories that is about 24 times your body weight in pounds (so if you weight 150 pounds you should eat 150 x 24 = 3,600). Split these calories over 6 meals per day, with plenty of water to hydrate your muscles and flush the extra toxins. Your daily diet should be made up of around 25% Proteins, 50% Carbohydrates, and 25% Fats for optimal muscle growth.

Use Free Weights Where Possible
A big mistake many skinny hardgainers make is using machine weights too often down the gym. There is a couple of reasons for doing this…they don’t want to be seen lifting free weights with very little weight on them, and they have a lack of confidence or knowledge of proper technique.

The problem is that by using machine weights you typically only work one muscle group at a time and in one limited range of motion, and this is not ideal for building muscle mass naturally.

For this reason, the use of free weights is one of the most important pieces of natural bodybuilding advice that you’ll come across. By using free weights on compound exercises such Squats and Deadlifts, you work multiple muscle groups along with the smaller stabilizing muscles, and shift more weight per exercise, which is the key to gaining big muscle naturally.

Breaking Through Plateaus