Health Habits: Supplement Your Brain

Think About What You Eat… Eat What Helps You Think

Guess what! Your brain does not operate on its own… it’s attached to the rest of you. If you keep your body healthy, your brain will be healthier too, and you will be giving your brain a better chance to help you stay smarter and live a longer life of abundance and vitality.

Not long ago, brainy brain researchers presented findings at the International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease which suggested possible benefits of fish oil supplements on brain health – and on aging. The researchers found definite associations between fish oil supplements and cognitive function, and found there were differences in the actual structure of the brain between subjects who used the fish oil supplements and those who didn’t.

You may have heard of the many different supplements (most naturally-occurring minerals) that can help your brain stay sharp – fish oil’s just one. Other popular and effective ones include gingko biloba, L-carnitine, and Coefficient Q-10.

You can also do your brain a few favors with the foods you choose. For instance, recently, scientists reported in the “British Journal of Nutrition” that whole ginger extract has a lot of promise, especially in cancer prevention. Their findings focused on prostrate cancer (closer to your other brain, guys), butNoocube before and after showed that ginger had a significant impact on stopping the growth of cancer cells. In studies on animals, they found the extract didn’t come with significant toxic side effects for normal tissues, such as bone marrow, and showed tumor regression up to sixty percent. That’s a big deal! They say humans would have to consume about 3.5 ounces of the extract a day to get the benefits, but hey, that’s why they make supplements. And the new findings show that ginger is just the latest in a long line of natural supplements that can improve your life – and your brain.

Supplementing gives your body what it can’t get in today’s world of convenience-related “garbage” food – and it’s one of the five key daily health habits I call “The NEWSS.” Watch your Nutrition (putting in the good and limiting the bad), Exercise (3-6 times a week), Water (two liters every day), Sleep (eight hours every night), and Supplements (I recommend a liquid nutraceutical that packs a powerful punch of vitality).

We all lead busy lives – but it doesn’t take long to swallow a few highly-helpful supplements. Start with the nutraceutical and then add what you need as you develop your own supplement plan (in consultation with a trusted, informed health pro). If you want to stay smart, having and adhering to a good personal supplement plan is a smart thing to do.