Football Recruiting 101 – Big Business

College football coaches are in the business of making money. A coach needs to recruit the best talent possible so he can have a winning season, go to a bowl game, keep his job and get a new bigger better contract. My point is that if coaches treat the recruiting process as a business. The warning for the recruit is that it can be ruthless at times. My best tip is that regardless of what a recruiter says to, you have nothing until you sign the Letter of Intent.

You the prospective student-athlete need to approach the recruiting process as a business as well. As the process unfolds be prepared at every turn. Remember you are a salesman selling yourself to the recruiter. You need to have something to offer that peaks their interest. Ask the right questions and be prepared to answer questions when talking to a coach. Keep a notebook or folder with the letters you receive. Fill-out the questionnaires and send it back right away. Return phone call same day always with interest and สมัครเว็บตรง ufabet มือถือ being polite. Take notes on everything from potential teammates, coaches, facilities and so on when going on official or unofficial visits.

How about the college or university. It is a big business for them. They need to generate lots of money to fuel their programs, improve their facilities and keep the boosters happy. The better the coach, the better the team, the better the win loss record. The translation is, the more tickets sold means more revenue for the school. Going to a bowl game is the ultimate goal. Bowl appearances are worth millions to the schools. How about TV revenue where there is millions more to be had. Got the picture?

Authored by: Tony Passarella – Sports Recruiting Coach

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